Appalachian Animal Rescue Center & Asheville Humane Alliance have partnered to provide our community with a low cost spay and neuter program.  Every other Wednesday dogs and cats are sent to the clinic in Asheville, NC and are returned to the shelter for pickup the following day.

All dogs must have a kennel cough (Bordatella) vaccination 2 weeks prior to going for surgery. This can be done at your veterinarian or you can purchase the vaccination at Tractor Supply and administer it at home.

In addition to spaying and neutering, additional services are offered at the time of your pets surgery.  See the complete list of services and pricing below.

Payment is to be made at the time your pet is signed up for the surgery.  Appalachian Animal Rescue Center has a program for low income families and we also run special rates whenever possible.  

Due to Covid-19 ASPCA spay and neuter clinic has suspended all clinics until further notice.

To schedule a spaying or neutering, or for more information, call (828) 524-4588.

Spaying & Neutering Fees

 Dogs $55.00

Vaccine & Testing Fees

Heartworm Test$18.00
Feline Distemper$10.00
Nail Trim$5.00