About Us

The Macon County Humane Society, established as a non-profit in 1963, has been and is a valuable service to the people of Macon County.  Recently we have changed our name to Appalachian Animal Rescue Center.  We will never euthanize an animal to make space for more cats or dogs.  We are 100% dependent on donations to run our organization.

From Our Furry Friends:

Some of us have never been in a home, but we will try our best to adapt quickly to our new surroundings. If you have other pets at home, we will try to make friends with them. Sometimes it takes time. Please be patient with us. Don't give up on us.  We will love you to the day we say "good-bye". If you take us home, the only thing we ask is to bring us back to Appalachian Animal Rescue Center just so we can visit and say hello to the people who took care of us.

Appalachian Animal Rescue Center is required to see that we are spayed or neutered and all of our shots are up to date before our adoption is final.  If we aren't spayed or neutered, please consider fostering one of us.

So just give us a chance, if it wasn't meant to be, you can bring us back to our friends at Appalachian Animal Rescue Center and they will take care of us.

Paws & Kisses

Macon County Humane Society, dba Appalachian Animal Rescue Center, is a 501(c)3, tax identification number 56-6060204

Staff & Board

Lisa and Buddy
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