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Why did we change our name?   

There were questions as to why we do so much fund raising since the County gave us funds.  That was a reasonable assumption since Macon County is part of the name.  The fact is that we get no funding from the county state or government.  The Humane Society exists due to donations from our supporters and income from our thrift store.

The other assumption was that we are part of Macon County Animal Control.  We are two totally separate organizations.  We do not euthanize to make space for more dogs or cats.  Animals are with us until they are adopted.

We hope our new name “Appalachian Animal Rescue Center” will clear up some of those issues.  We are still the Humane Society and none of our practices have changed.

Our Mission:
The Macon County Humane Society, established in 1962, has been and is a valuable service to the people of Macon County. The Humane Society’s purpose and mission is;

* To provide an effective means for the prevention of cruelty to animals.
* To establish and maintain a shelter for the humane care of animals.
* To distribute literature and information relevant to the protection of animals.
* To feed, clean, and provide medical care for stray, lost, or injured animals.
* To find forever loving homes for all our shelter animals.



Phone number: 828-524-4588     Fax number: 828-349-1548
Shelter hours: Mon Tue Thu Fri Sat 11-5 Closed Wed & Sun.              Thrift store hours: Mon to Sat 10-4
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